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Randy Orton

Randy Orton Pages RKO!!!!!!!!!!!! Whacht It

Triple Threat at WrestleMania

GM Theodore Long announced on SmackDown that the World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania will now include Rey Mysterio as well as Orton and the champion.

Click here for SmackDown coverage | WrestleMania 22

Orton says ends justify the means
Randy Orton used controversial tactics to get his crucial match against Rey Mysterio. Find out what Orton had to say following the completion of his plan at No Way Out.
The devastating RKO

Randy Orton has laid out many past & present WWE Superstars with the RKO. Take a look back at some of The Legend Killer's work in his exclusive RKO Video Gallery. 

Click here for the RKO video gallery
Legends 'killed' by Randy Orton

Randy Orton has 'killed' such legendary figures as WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race, Cactus Jack, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Rowdy Piper and many more.

Click here for the "Legends Killed" photo gallery

WWE 24/7 Online

Watch Orton battle RVD for $1.49.

Evolution photos
Check out photos from Randy's Evolution days.
Byte This!
Randy Orton talks about Undertaker & Armageddon on Byte This!

Legend Killer T-Shirt

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