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Here Stuff About Massari

Play (video) Smile For Me


It isn't everyday that Canadian independent urban artists achieve Top 20 radio and video success on their initial offerings. For Ottawa-based R&B singer Massari and record label Capital Prophet Records, this achievement is the result of many years of hard work and perseverance.

The 24-year old Sagittarius, born in Beirut, Lebanon, moved to Montreal at the age of 10 and at 13 he moved to Ottawa where he currently resides. The trilingual artist - he speaks English, French and Arabic fluently - cites Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin as musical influences. However, growing up he has been exposed to various styles of music and because of that his biggest influence is legendary Arabic singer George Wassouf. "I sing from my heart and George Wassouf taught me to do that", says Massari about how this legendary singer has affected his music.

In 2002, Massari recorded and released "Spitfire" which garnered heavy rotation on Ottawa radio stations. Since then, Massari has been steadily writing and developing his sound and is back in 2005 with his self-titled debut album set for release on May 31st, 2005 through MapleNationWide/Universal. The lead single off the release "Smile For Me" features former Bad Boy Entertainment recording artist Loon. "I'm definitely very selective about the records I get on. It didn't matter if he was an established artist or not, it was just the quality of the record, the quality of the music that made me want to get involved", says Loon about his involvement with Massari and the Capital Prophet Records crew. "I'm very proud to be one of the first Canadian male R&B singers to record with a major recording artist from the States", says Massari. The end result was a hit single that spent 24 weeks on the Top 40 chart, peaking at #18 (BDS CHR) in Canada. Canadian award-winning music video director RT! was responsible for making the "Smile For Me" video one of the hottest urban videos by a Canadian artist. The video was immediately added to heavy rotation at MuchMusic, MuchVibe, and MTV Canada. Canada and the United States were the first to play "Smile For Me", however other countries such as Germany, Australia, Brazil and the UK have begun playing the hit song.

With the recent release of Massari's much-anticipated second single "Be Easy", the pressure was on to keep the momentum going in the weeks leading up to the debut album release. "Be Easy" received early support from radio stations across Canada. The video, once again directed by music video director RT!, was instantly added to heavy rotation across the board on MuchMusic, MuchVibe and MTV2 and added into "Reaction" rotation at Musique Plus.

For this record, Massari worked closely with the Capital Prophet Records production team comprised of Da Heala and Lynx. "Their vibe is a perfect match for my sound and style", explains Massari. The album draws influences from his middle-eastern origins. "Because of my background, my music is heavily influenced with middle-eastern melodies. Over the past few years so many artists are trying to bring Arabic styles into their music, but mine is authentic." Along with its culturally rich sound the album with its upbeat club-style tracks, mid-tempo joints and smooth ballads pays special tribute to the ladies. "My music is made for the ladies because that's where I get my inspiration. You'll notice a lot of the music is upbeat and positive. Women give off so much energy; it's hard not to be inspired by them."



Be Easy
Smile For Me

Complete list of videos in our library by this artist.
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Be Easy
(Massari) '05

Smile For Me f. Loon
(Massari) '05





August 5 - Ottawa - Space Nightclub
August 6 - Toronto - Club 108 - all ages show
August 11 - Ottawa - Lebanese Festival - St. Charbel - all ages show
August 13 - Montreal - BeachClub - Performances by Massari, Ciara & Remy Ma - CLICK HERE - BeachClub - all ages show, kids under 8 get in FREE!
August 14 - Cornwall - Lamoureaux Park
August 19 - Windsor - Charles Clark Square - all ages show
August 21 - Sudbury - Fraser Auditorium
August 24 - Hamilton - Darleys - all ages show
August 25 - Edmonton - Rum Jungle Nightclub
August 26 - Vancouver - Cheers Nightclub
August 27 - Calgary - Lady Fatima Hall
August 28 - Detroit - Elysium Lounge
August 29 - Saskatoon - Odeon Event Centre

September 7 - Halifax - The Palace

July 20 - Ottawa - 15th Annual Lebanese Fun Festival
July 23 - Montreal - St.Pie Campground
July 24 - Toronto - Z103 Summer Rush

July 21 - Toronto - The Fox & Fiddle, Richmond Hill
August 13 - Montreal - Club Bacci
August 25 - Edmonton - Londonderry Mall, autograph signing
August 27 - Calgary - The Club Bar & Grill

Massari Live In Concert.
August 24 - Hamilton - Darley's


August 13 - Montreal - BeachClub


August 25 - Edmonton - Rum Jungle Nightclub


August 5 - Ottawa - Space Nightclub


July 29 - Windsor, Club Meow
July 1 - Kelowna, The Bluff Nightclub
July 4 - Edmonton, Escape
July 8 - Ottawa, Capital Music Hall
Don't Miss Massari LIVE on PSC (Plus sur Commande) tomorrow at 5:00pm!!!!

Massari fans living in Montreal, don't miss your chance to catch Massari live on MusiquePlus' "Plus sur Commande", tomorrow at 5:00pm. He'll be performing his hit singles "Smile For Me" and "Be Easy", so make sure you're there to catch this highly anticipated performance. When asked how he felt about coming back to Montreal to perform, Massari replied, "I genuinely love Montreal, and I think that's why I get love back. I love performing in Montreal, the response is always great, and I'm honoured to be performing for the whole of Quebec on Musiqueplus." Massari will be back in Montreal on June 23rd for his Official CD Release Party at The Vatican night club, 1432 rue Crescent. Doors open at 10:00 PM.

Massari's highly anticipated album sells out across the country!!!

Massari's self titled debut album hit shelves last Tuesday, but albums in the stores didn't last long, as fast as they came in, they sold out. Fans across the country have been anticipating Massari's album since early this year after Capital Prophet Records stated the release would come this summer. Be sure to keep requesting "Be Easy" and look out for "Real Love" in the coming months.

"Be Easy" video will be out this week!!!

After a fun filled, yet exhausting day, the end result of the video is phenomenal.   Spirits were high on set, with everybody stunned by the artful shots, and stunning scenery.   Massari pulled up in a Lamborghini Gallardo, surrounded by beautiful girls looking like a million bucks.   At one point, Massari is hanging out in a tent with his friends, watching a group of beautiful Belly dancers showing off their moves.   Make sure you request the "Be Easy" video on MuchMusic, MuchVibe, MusiquePlus, and MTV Canada.

Massari's album available for pre-order online!!!

The first 200 CD’s come with an autographed picture of Massari, a rubber wristband and a toothbrush. Don’t miss your chance to be one of 200 people to receive this limited, special edition of Massari’s self titled debut album. Also, by visiting Massari’s secret site (which you can only access by owning the album) you will automatically be entered into “The Paradise Contest” for your chance to win an all inclusive trip for 2 to Cancun from Springheat.com. Take advantage of this limited time offer now!!!
Massari Announces Casting Call For "Be Easy" Music Video
There will be an open casting call in Toronto for R&B recording artist Massari's follow-up single "Be Easy".   Ladies who wish to be cast in the music video directed by Canadian award winning director RT! are asked to come down to La Rouge Club on April 29th, 2005 between 6:00pm and 9:00pm. RT! directed Massari's first music video for the hit single "Smile For Me" which has since received a lot of   attention from media outlets across the country.   Over 400 girls turned out to the open call held in Toronto for "Smile For Me" in the hopes of being cast in the music video that can now be seen on music television stations across Canada.   The turn out is expected to be even bigger this time around!
Massari performing at St.Elias Hall in Ottawa on May 13!!!!!
Ottawa has been waiting for so long to see Massari perform like he used to do here in his hometown.   With all the requests we have been receiving to do a show in Ottawa, Massari has decided to give his fans what they've been waiting for. Friday, May 13, be sure to catch Massari at St.Elias Hall, 750 Ridgewood Ave. in Ottawa. "This will be a show to remember, I'm performing songs from my new album and all the old classics everybody's used to.   Believe me, I'm doing this show from my heart it's for my hometown, my people." said Massari with a smile.   There will be an onslaught of surprise guest appearances and performances.   If you live in Ottawa you can pickup tickets at Harlem World Lifestyles, 59 Montreal Road.   For general info or any questions you may have contact us at party@capitalprophetrecords.com   This event is for all ages, everybody is welcome!
Capital Prophet Records preps Massari's Album for release on May 31st.
As you may have noticed, Massari's release date has been getting bumped around, from month to month. This is happening because Massari wanted to add some new content on the album. He has replaced at least two songs on the album with brand new songs, and he is also working on "something big" for his club smash "Be Easy". "If the date changes again, don't worry, I'm just trying to make everything perfect for my fans", said Massari when asked about the recent release date changes. "We're trying to do things nobody has ever done, and sometimes that takes a little more time to do." When asked about the details of this "something big" he keeps speaking of, he simply replied, "Believe me, you will know soon enough"!!!  We're still trying to get the inside scoop but everybody at CPR (Capital Prophet Records) is keeping a tight lid on it. We will keep you posted!!
The wait is almost over...Capital Prophet Records announces Massari album release date!
With all the anticipation building, its about time CP told us when this Massari album is coming out. Well now we know, April 19, 2005 is the official date set for the Massari's album to hit shelves across the nation. With "Smile for Me" still on the rise and "Be Easy" on the way, Massari promises that " the fans won't be disappointed, as a matter of fact they're going to have trouble choosing which song is their favorite, there are so many hits..." Be sure to check back for updates, news, and your chance to pre order Massari's album!!!!

Don't forget to pick up Massari's self titled debut album APRIL 19, 2005!!!!!

Massari and Loon host MuchMusic's RapCity, February 16/2005.
Massari and Loon were featured on MuchMusic's RapCity last night and absolutely took over the show. Loon chose his favorite videos to be played while Massari gave us an introduction on himself and what he's about.
Massari's "Smile For Me" video gets great reviews and high rotation.
The video is on high rotation, check it out on MuchMusic, MuchVibe and MuchMoreMusic. "Smile For Me" entered the MuchMusic Countdown at #29. Be sure to follow the progress every Friday on the Official MuchMusic Countdown.
Massari shoots video for his hit single "Smile For Me" feat. Loon.
The groundbreaking video was shot over a three day period from January 22-24 and was a huge success. "Smile For Me" was directed by RT! and produced by 235 Films, both of which performed an outstanding job. Featured in the video were Canadian models Kamille and Patia who put on an outstanding performance. Erica Mena and Melanie Tillbrook who were both featured in XXL magazine shocked everyone on set with their beauty and professionalism. Massari and Loon enjoyed themselves shooting the sultry and sexy video and are anxiously awaiting the finished product. Spirits were high on set which gave way to a very successful weekend. Capital Prophet Records set themselves as major players in the Canadian industry and promise to continue raising the bar.
With the recent release and success of "Smile For Me", Massari is weight training heavily, running daily and watching his diet.
This could mean two things, he is either getting ready to hit the road or he is getting ready for a video!!! The hit single "Smile For Me" is getting heavy spins on radio stations across the country. We will keep you posted...
Through reliable sources, we have come to discover that Bad Boy Entertainment recording artist Loon is the mystery feature on Massari's upcoming single "Smile For Me".
Through reliable sources, we have come to discover that Bad Boy Entertainment recording artist Loon is the mystery feature on Massari's upcoming single "Smile For Me". Capital Prophet Records have done a good job on keeping the news "hush hush" but the closer the release is getting, " it was necessary to keep it quiet at first, but now people have to know." said Manny Dion (Manager). The current news has sent the country in a frenzy with fans, radio stations, and DJ's alike, anxiously awaiting the release. Excitement is in the air...
Massari is apparently getting ready to release a song entitled "Smile For Me".
Not too much info has been released about the song, but it is said to have a major American artist on it. We will keep you posted...



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Massari in a Full Concert Event @ Charles Clark Square

August 19, 2005 Massari returns for a  Live Full Concert Event at Charles Clark Square.  All ages welcome.  Buy your tickets now through Ticket Web, Pay Pal or at the Windsor Social Office.

opening performance by:


3 Ways to Purchase:

1. Ticket Web



or call Ticket Web at 1-888-222-6608

2. Pay Pal


3. Windsor Social Office located at 25 Giles Blvd. East Windsor

**NOTE: Tickets purchased online can be picked up at the door or can be picked up at the Windsor Social Office.  Tickets will SELL-OUT.  Please buy tickets in advance.


Stay tuned for more info on the 19 and over After Party.


for more info, call 519.252.9451 or 519.91WS.MAG or 1-866-837-8441 or email massari@windsorsocial.com

check out http://www.massarionline.com

Event :

Massari rocks Ottawa and Toronto again!!!

Back by popular demand...Massari was back in Ottawa on Friday at Space Night Club, and the night was beautiful.   Massari put on a great performance for his home crowd who were ecstatic to see him.   The next night, Massari was at Club 108 where he also performed for a capacity crowd that was going nuts for him.

Massari, Windsor - What a great combination!!!

Massari finally came to Windsor for a long over due album release party this past Friday. The turn out was great, with Windsor fans going crazy for Massari along with fans that crossed the border from Michigan into Canada. Massari is looking into more bookings in the Windsor-London-Detroit area in the near future.

Be sure to check out massarionline.com to find out when Massari will be in your city. 

Massari shows up to Z103's Summer Rush on a luxury speed boat!!!

For anybody that was at Z103's Summer Rush, you might've seen Massari show up to the Docks on a luxury speed boat alongside Manny Dion and the rest of the entourage. Massari, a scheduled performer in the event, rocked the crowd for the duration of his entire performance and had people screaming out the words to every one of his songs. Even when it started to rain, the crowd stayed right where they were to enjoy the rest of the performance. A day filled with hot sun, and star-studded performances couldn't beat the heat of the after party, also held at the Docks with none other than special guest Massari in the house. Whether night or day, everybody had a great time at Z103's Summer Rush!!!  

The most memorable experience so far this year...Massari performing at the Lebanese Festival!!!

Even Massari couldn't believe his eyes when he showed up to the screams of 5000 anxious fans waiting to see him. Massari showed up in style (as usual) in a yellow Lamborghini Murcielago wearing a green t shirt which simply read "Lebanon" in Arabic. The fans were going crazy...so crazy that extra security had to be called in to organize single files out of large crowds waiting to meet Massari. The performance was unbelievable, and Massari even took time to sign autographs and take pictures with his fans. Footage of this show and other shows will soon be made available for everyone to watch. Check out "Massari In Your City" for future Massari appearances, performances, and tour dates.  

A sunny day for Flow 93.5's Flow Fest!!!

It was a beautiful, sunny, Toronto day, and the perfect day for an outdoor performance featuring Canada's super stars. Among those super stars was Canada's R&B sensation Massari performing hit songs from his debut album. The crowd was a good mix of all ages, from business people taking a lunch break from their jobs, to school kids enjoying their summer break. Massari hit the stage and made sure everybody was having fun, and yeah, it was another flawless performance!!! We thank everybody that took their time to check out Flow 93.5's Flow Fest and Massari. Check out "Massari In Your City" for future Massari appearances, performances, and tour dates.  


I don't think anybody expected the reaction Massari got at HOT 89.9's BOUNCE the ultimate dance competition.   No, Massari wasn't dancing, but his performance had everybody in the building screaming for 30 minutes straight.   Girls were literally fainting in the crowd from the shock of being so close to Massari.   "No matter where you go, there's nothing like home, this is home" said a teary eyed Massari after the performance.   Keep checking massarionline.com for updates and new tour dates.  

What More Can We Say Edmonton?

Massari came back to Edmonton on July 4 th to find everybody waiting for him with open arms.   He came down for a performance at Escape Nightclub, but he wasn't the only one performing.   The whole crowd was singing along with every song, and surprisingly they sounded really good!!!   The crowd reaction was unbelievable and the night was a peaceful one.   After this visit, Massari is now thinking about buying a house in Edmonton stating, "this has to be my second home, I couldn't believe how much love I felt...I love Edmonton in a whole new way now." Keep checking massarionline.com to find out when Massari will be back in Edmonton, because it could be very soon.  

The Bluff was no Bluff!!!

Massari was in Kelowna for the first time on Canada Day...and he loved it.   The whole city was so friendly, and they helped Massari get accustomed to traveling by boat.   He performed at The Bluff, the crowd was into it, and Massari was giving it his all.   The next day, Massari hit the water for a fun filled day on Sea Doos and Speed Boats to unwind a little bit after all the work he's been doing as of late.   Look for Massari to come back to Kelowna in the near future.  

The Vatican Night Club was jammed!!!

Fans were in attendance by the hundreds to celebrate the success of Massari's release. The fans couldn't get enough of Massari, he even took time to take pictures with as many fans as he could.   "Every time I come to Montreal, I have a great time, the people here just know how to have fun," said Massari of his latest Montreal experience, "I'm hoping to come back soon." Malik Shaheed was hosting the night, and of course many of the Capital Prophet Records staff was in attendance.   Thank you Montreal for another great visit, Massari will be back soon.  

Massari surprises all and speaks french for his entire MusiquePlus interview!!!!

Only a hand full of people know that Massari is fully trilingual, meaning he can speak three languages: English, Arabic, and French. He stunned everybody on set when he spoke only French throughout his entire appearance and interview. "I did it out of respect, if I'm in Quebec, I speak French because that's one of the languages I was raised with. Anyways French is a really sexy language..." In related news, MusiquePlus' staff members were saying that the turn out was one of the biggest in PSC (Plus sur Commande) history. "I said it before and I'll say it again, Montreal is like a second home to me, I feel that way about the whole province of Quebec." Said Massari. Don't miss your chance to meet Massari in person tomorrow at the Vatican Night Club, for Massari's Official CD Release Party.

Massari stuns all at the MMVA's!!!!

Massari showed up to the MMVA's in style, no, we really mean style.   "Style" as in, a quarter million dollar orange Lamborghini Gallardo, which just so happens to match his ten thousand dollar Marco Azzali outfit..   He was dressed to impress, and he had everybody's attention.   Massari was nominated for two MMVA's, but he didn't win either one. When asked if he was upset about not winning, he replied "WHAT, are you crazy?!?! It's an honour to be here, just being a part of this is enough satisfaction for me.   Next year though, I'm taking everything home!!!!" Massari was nominated for Best Independent Video, and Much Vibes Best Rap Video.   Keep coming back and checking the EVENTS section for your only official source providing real Massari news!!!!

Massari was booked for one day, but stayed for two in Edmonton...

Massari had a blast in Edmonton, as a matter of fact, he was having so much fun he decided to stay out there for two days.   "He just wanted to visit the whole city, everybody was so responsive everywhere he went" said Manny Dion.   Massari visited The BOUNCE radio station to find hundreds of fans waiting to meet him, he made sure he met every single fan and signed autographs for everybody.   The meet and greets didn't stop, that night Massari was at the Standard Nightclub where again he met hundreds of fans and signed autographs for everybody.   The night was a phenomenal success, it went smooth from beginning to end.   The next day Massari returned to the BOUNCE radio station and hosted 1 hour on air and later that night he showed up to Escape nightclub for an appearance, "it was just another chance for me to connect with my Edmonton fans, I loved it", said Massari. "I love Edmonton, thank you for the love and the support, you guys made me feel like a king." One of Massari's most memorable moments is when he met 11 year old Mazen Mahfouz an aspiring Lebanese singer, who sang the hit single "Smile for Me" as part of his show at a local singing competition held by Bounce 91.7.   Mazen came in second place, and he got to meet Massari at Bounce 91.7 where they were both on the air at the same time.   Massari is coming back for more on July 4, at Escape Night Club for a full out performance, you don't want to miss it!!!  

Calgary was unbelievable!!!!

Calgary we've got to give it to you, you have energy like we've never seen.   Massari arrived at My Apartment Night Club for his official Calgary CD release party, to find fans running each other over to catch a glimpse or a picture of Massari.   The crowd got so crazy Massari had to exit the night club to calm everyone down.   "The people were just excited, they weren't violent, just very energetic...there's nothing but love in Calgary" said Massari when asked about the situation.   After Massari's short leave from the club he returned, but had to leave again when people started getting overly excited again.   Massari enjoyed himself in the west so much, that he's coming back.

Massari sets the Dome on fire...

Massari's performance on Saturday was nothing short of phenomenal, and breath taking.   The crowd screamed non-stop for the entire half hour performance, and Massari made sure he gave his fans everything they paid for.   After the show, Massari was bombarded by a group of fans all wanting autographs, and he made sure each fan got one.   If you missed the show, Massari will be back to Montreal soon. Keep checking massarionline.com for Release Party dates, and show dates.

Massari makes an appearance at Time Supper Club...

Massari made a guest appearance at Montreal's upscale Time Supper Club, and the response was great.   His fans really got a chance to meet him and even talk with him one on one.

Massari will be in your city soon, DON'T MISS IT !!!!
Another amazing Release party...

The second of Massari's seven release parties was a smashing success. This one was a little extra special, being in Ottawa (Massari's hometown), the turnout was unbelievable. Everybody was in good spirits and the night went smoothly...People gathered by the hundreds to celebrate Massari's album release, at Space Night Club, and to congratulate him on his recent success. Loon even took time out of his schedule to fly from NYC to be with Massari on this special occasion. The entire Capital Prophet Records staff was in attendance having a great time, and they deserve it!!! Tony Sal (CEO of Capital Prophet Records), Belly, Kenny B, DJ Lazz, Malik Shaheed (MusiquePlus), and many others were also in attendance to celebrate the success of Massari's release. Massari's highly anticipated album sold out across the country in two days!!! Be sure to keep checking massarionline.com to see when Massari will be in your city.

Hundreds of fans lined up at HMV to catch more than just a glimpse of Massari!!!

Hundreds of screaming fans lined up at HMV on Merivale rd. in Ottawa, to see Massari in person.   Excited fans got a chance to meet Massari, get autographs, receive exclusive Massari material, and watch a surprise performance by Massari and Loon!!! Everybody was ecstatic, and Massari's albums were flying off the shelves.   Massari personally took time to perform and sign autographs in appreciation of his hometown fans, and the support everybody has been showing him.   Be sure to keep checking massarionline.com to find out when Massari will be in your city.

It's time to celebrate...

Massari kicked off his string of release parties in Toronto on June 2nd.  People are still buzzing about the red carpet event held at Fluid Lounge in the heart of Toronto's club district.  With a special performance by Massari and Loon, the club was bumpin' and everyone was celebrating in the successful launch of Massari's debut album.  With the club at full capacity and a line-up that wouldn't quit, Massari's release party at Fluid Lounge was the party to be at.  Thanks to MuchMusic, MapleNationWide, Universal Music Canada, Canadian Music Network, and everyone else who came out to pop a bottle with us!  

Massari performs LIVE on MOD...

Massari blew away his fans with a live performance to remember. He performed "Smile for Me" with Loon, and "Be Easy" right after, which had the crowd begging for more. Massari's performance on MOD is the talk of the country with thousands of fans sending e mails praising Massari's live skills. Even Leah, (MOD co host) said "Great live (performance) no back ups, no bull." Keep looking out for Massari in the near future, you never know where he might show up next.

Massari cd release parties

Massari will be making appearances and performing at CD release parties in every major city across Canada to support the new release. The CD release party dates will kick off on June 2nd at Toronto's Fluid Lounge and include stops in Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton.

Massari wows the crowd at St. Elias Hall   Massari "Makes It Hotter" at The Civic Centre
Massari keeps busy performing 2 nights in a row for his hometown, Ottawa.

First, Massari performed on Friday May 13, at the St.Elias Hall.   He left the young crowd in awe when he performed a 40 minute set straight, then signed autographs for an hour after that.   Massari brought about 30 fans on stage with him, and even went as far as having one of his fans sing "Smile for Me" nearly from beginning to end.   Everybody was ecstatic about seeing Massari perform at home after nearly a year away from his hometown stage. The very next day, Massari performed at The Civic Centre, along with Marcus Houston.   Massari once again wowed the crowd with a performance that can be considered nothing less than phenomenal, and once again he signed autographs afterwards for nearly an hour.Check out "Massari In Your City" in the events section for album release party dates, and don't forget to pre order your copy of Massari's self titled debut album.

Massari makes Sudbury "Smile"   Keisha Chante & Massari
Sudbury couldn't get enough of Massari and Keshia Chante!!!

Sudbury had a night to remember on Friday, April 8th. Both Massari and Keshia performed for this large crowd, and the screams didn't stop all night. Massari kicked off his set with "Be Easy" and ended with "Smile for Me", which he had to perform twice due to the requests of his fans. Massari then signed autographs for anxious fans who got to see him perform for the first time. Keshia also performed later in the night and had the crowd in awe... Be sure to look out for a Massari performance in your area soon!!!!

Loon & Massari   Massari & Toni Braxton
Massari and Loon performance at Seneca College in Toronto

Seneca college was more than excited to have Massari and Loon in their performance theatre. Both Massari and Loon tore the roof off and enjoyed themselves while performing for the excited college students. "Smile for Me" was received by ectstatic screams from the crowd, as were the rest of Massari's songs. Loon performed new songs and the hits most of us are used to, to keep the crowd in awe for the duration of his performance. Jully Black also put on a great show and had the crowd moving. The after party was held at Club Fluid; Massari, Loon, Big Apple, Taye Diggs, and Toni Braxton were in attendance among others. We will keep you posted on other parties and appearances coming soon!!!

Massari & Loon  
Massari and Loon make appearances across Toronto together...

Massari and Loon made an onslaught of appearances across Toronto after completing the video for the hit single "Smile for Me". They visited clubs packed with anxious fans awaiting their arrival. Clubs they visited include: Fluid (January 27), Lucid (January 21), and Aqua (January 23). People were excited to see both Loon and Massari. Club Fluid was host to a video release party presented by Big Apple, for "Smile for Me" which brought out a large number of fans to the club that night. Canada's most beautiful models were in attendance strutting their stuff.

Massari & Loon  
Massari shoots video for hit single "Smile For Me" feat. Loon.

The groundbreaking video was shot over a three day period from January 22-24 and was a huge success. Capital Prophet Records set themselves as major players in the Canadian industry and promise to continue raising the bar.

Chingy & Massari  
Massari put on a flawless show for a packed house at Club Dome.

Massari put on a flawless show for a packed house at Club Dome. The fans were begging for more and the ladies couldn’t get enough. Massari performed exclusive songs, “Find A Partner” and classics like “Spit Fire”, and the crowd loved it. Be sure to look out for Massari performances in your area in the near future.

Massari performs "Smile For Me"  
Massari Performs At The Grey Cup

Ottawa's own R&B sensation Massari put on a show to remember during the Grey Cup Celebrations. Armed only with his Microphone, his unforgettable style and voice, he left the audience in awe. The crowd, predominantly, over the age of thirty, was thrilled with the action packed performance, and was eager to meet the 23 year old singer to ask questions and receive autographs. The highlight of the night was when Massari performed his hit single "Smile for Me", at that point, everybody at the concert was surely smiling for him. The excitement was still in the air even after Massari left the building!!!


By Stacey Holder
Posted Friday, July 15th, 2005

It takes a total of 30 minutes for Massari to tear himself away from his fans after he gets off stage at the TD Centre in Toronto. And as soon as you meet him you know why.

There’s a down to earth, ‘I love what I do' quality about him that instantly puts you at ease. That also comes out of his latest self-titled album; a mixture of smooth sounds about loving and enjoying women, rare these days among the up and coming urban artists.

The album is reminiscent of the old school artists like Stevie Wonder, a great source of inspiration for Massari, which explains why his fan base is so diverse: from men to women and from teens to an older crowd. The album definitely has something for everyone.

For this talented artist it’s not about the fame and the fortune, it’s about doing something that he truly enjoys, and at the same time giving enjoyment and pleasure to the scores of fans.

“The reaction of the fans when I am on stage is the most amazing feeling in the world, it gives me energy and pushes me to do my very best to ensure that they have a good time and enjoy coming out to see me,” he says.

 This was truly evident from his two sets at the Flow 93.5 Soul In The Summer performance that blew his fans away; the record heat in the city did not seem to affect him on stage.

Massari was born in Beirut, Lebanon, moved to Montreal at the age of 10 and to Ottawa at 13. And although his music is now appreciated worldwide, he still maintains that Canada is home. Though he feels that “there is not enough of a push for Canadian artists”, he hopes that his success will set a standard for Canadian music.

He credits his record label Capital Prophet Records for recognizing the need to cultivate and instill confidence in their artists, to give them the support that is needed to become successful.

    “Hopefully this will set a standard to show how far Canadian artists can go with the right support and backing.” With his successful collaboration with Loon (on the hit single Smile for Me) under his belt, Massari hopes that collaborations with other Canadian artists, will help boost awareness about the amount of talent here that should be promoted and encouraged.

What’s next for Massari?

Plans are in the works for a tour after the success of his new album. Also, for his third single Massari will release Real Love, which means another video; which he promises will be “very sexy and very romantic.” Possibly more collaborations for his next album, “I’d really want to work with Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and of course my girl Keshia Chanté”


<center>Massari (ft. Loon)<br>Smile For Me<br>
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