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Welcome to my attempt at a .hack//SIGN web page. Why you ask? Well, I'm a big fan of this show, and I could not  find any US web pages about this show - so I decided to make my own.  I am working hard on getting this site up to full completion in addition to making updates as new information comes my way. Look forward to some big changes as I now have a new partner to help me make this site better than before!!  If you'd like to see something please feel free to e-mail me and make any suggestions. Thanks and enjoy the page!!


10.5.03 - New FanArt, new FanFic, and redid all the individual character pages.

10.3.03 - Another episode summary up - ep19 - Recollection!

10.1.03 - Day off today, and did more work! Here's what's new: Updated Games, New addition to .hack//Jinx and Looper, added some wallpapers to Multimedia and the best one of all - Summary for Ep.15 - Evidence is up!!

9.30.03 - Added another FanFic, a Link and minor fixes to some pages.

9.29.03 - A couple more updates, Updated OST scans page, Game page, and Links.

9.28.03 - WOW, I'm a slacker!! Sorry folks, I've been a busy bee.  Finally some updates!  Updated FanFics and FanArt, and new look to Episodes page.

Updates Archive

So what is this show about you may ask? Well it's based on a MMORPG (massively multi-player online role playing game) called "The World."  The game itself seems to be filled with many people, and they are free to roam around and do, basically whatever they want Well, that is within the rules set up by the system moderators etc.  Herein lies the opening dilemma of the show. For the character known as Tsukasa has started doing things normal players should not be able to do. Also Tsukasa's association with a cat-like character has the moderators wondering just what he is up to.  What they don't realize is that Tsukasa cannot log out of the game, for "The World" has become his new reality...

.hack (pronounced DOT HACK) by Project Hack is the overall project based on a wide variety of media including novel, anime, video game, OVA, and manga.

.hack is separated into 2 eras known as Before and After "The Awakening".  The Awakening is based on a girl named Aura who is introduced (but not by name) in the anime .hack//SIGN.

.hack//AI BUSTER

A novel that takes place before .hack//SIGN.   It is about a  debugger known as Albireo who used to play "Fragments."    Fragments was the beta version of "The World" and also how he knows Orca and Balmung.  In Fragments he finds a legendary spear.  Now playing The World he encounters Licorice, whom he assumes is an event NPC (an AI character) but in actuality she's a failed version of Aura.  Due to his acquaintance with Licorice, Albireo also cannot log out of the game.


The TV anime series is the foundation prior to Aura's Awakening. The story focuses on Tsukasa's inability to log out of the server and the search for the mysterious "Key of the Twilight." The storyline is told from The World's point of view.


A 4 volume game released by Bandai for the Playstation2, this takes place right after The Awakening (when Aura wakes up.) The storyline is told from the Real World's point of view.


The 4 part OVA tells of events that run parallel to the events in the game. It also covers the pre-awakening period from the Real World's point of view.  The OVA will be shipped per each of the 4 volume games.

.hack//Legend of Twilight Bracelet

The manga which covers the history of the Twilight items and supposedly the later era after The Awakening is over.  They have also stared airing "Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu" which is the anime of the same story- also known as .hack//DUSK.

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