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This Is Some Funny Flash (funny Video)

pot smoking devil vs johnny bravo
itchy and scratchy
agent kimble from kosovo with love
agent kimble gets bill gates
welcome to mcdoobies man
safety at work is important
African detriot cop
8bit d and d
let me in fuckers
jackson chocolate factory
someone emailed me this- abc5
a newer abc learning tool
Happy Tree Friends Happy Trails
Happy Tree Friends Spare
Happy Tree Friends Snap
Happy Tree Friends Sweet
Happy Tree Friends Hide
Happy Tree Friends Boo
Happy Tree Friends Baking
Happy Tree Friends Meat
Happy Tree Friends Tongue
Happy Tree Friends Tooth
Happy Tree Friends Chip
Happy Tree Friends Snow
Bruce Lee kickin ass
Happy Tree Friends Idol
Happy Tree Friends Knife
Happy Tree Friends Water
Happy Tree Friends Mime
tom cruise crys like a bitch
Happy Tree Friends Hook
Happy Tree Friends Stayin
Happy Tree Friends Wheelin
Happy Tree Friends Pitchin
burnt face man episode 4
Super Mario Brothers Show
Happy Tree Friends Nuttin
Happy Tree Friends Having a Ball
Happy Tree Friends Antics
Happy Tree Friends Helping helps
Happy Tree Friends House Warming
Happy Tree Friends Spin
Is tom cruise a racist?
Work it Wario!
Robots are stupid
Gary the retard gets pranked
Tom Cruise Katie Holmes sing
Jedi Duels - yoda vs yoder
Funny shrek sketches
waterman 3 - christmas gone wrong
vegatarian rhapsody
worms startrek rhapsody
walk smash walk video
the real mortal combat
the ultimate transformer
The adventures of carl spacedew
the billy goats gruff
the quest for the oily trail
Judge Judy goes nuts
you've got mail
the official gay test 2
donald duck gets a blowjob
bill gates taking over the world
learn spanish
sesame street has aids
the truth about nursery rhymes
sick of numa numa yet?
michael jackson interview
cheap tech support rant
reality shows rant
insane foxes
The lindsay lohan song
the colorful scary sun
pig freaks out
ebonics lessons
things you shouldn't do to animals
Nirvana : Dumb
She Kicked my dog
Mario - son of a peach
The Singhsons
Poor Monkey
She freakin blocked me
RGB Color dance
Scratch spider
The olympics
All ducks live on the moon
McDiddys Counterstrike movie
Mario Bloopers
Magical Trevor 2
burnt face man part 3
burnt face man part 2
Funny Halo Situations
Handi Cop
I Love Eggs
Kill the popups!
Magical Trevor
Residuck Evil
Dude, wheres my lightsaber?
Clay Loves to dance
Dont Worry, be happy
Execution by America
Chase Me
You hear me?
The adventures of burnt face man
Be prepared for Nader
do you like my new hat?
benny hill bush
are you dumb? probably
assault on bush
3 fast 3 furious
Celebrity America Idol
its peanut butter and jelly time!
kitten cannon
Boba Fett Rap
where are the toons now - Joe Camel
where are the toons now - Speedy Gonzalez
where are the toons now - plasticman
A New bunny
gollum from lord of the rings raps
where are the toons now - Marvin the Martian
where are the toons now - Toon Cops
miko miko nurse
where are the toons now - SuperMan
where are the toons now - HeMan
where are the toons now - the smurfs
The end of the world is near
arnolds pizza shop
where are the toons now - underdog
bird lands in an angry tree!
Smurfs: The Lost Episode
fun new shooter game!
avery ant for pope!
avery ant's school of hard knocks
avery ant's sperm bank
interactive buddy
My hero
The Credibles
Ratman Ralph
reaction test
the night shift
BoyScout 5
BoyScout 4
BoyScout 3
BoyScout 2
BoyScout 1
Bush's Second Term
Bunny Kill
Concentration Test for men
Santa Claus song
A black dude falling
Shes got a chicken to ride
dest deux
Let me ride that donkey
Balls and Walls
Air Hockey
3d Ping Pong
Pong 3d
Hey Ya - Jewish Remix
Steady Hand Game
Parking Skills Test
For the forum noobs
PhuckaMon the movie!
How to use Japanese style toilet
itd suck to be either of these guys
bush kerry: its good to be in dc
Never too soon for christmas music
Best viewed when high on acid
Fishy Song
Elephant Cocks?
Invisible Mouse Game
i hate madonna
if jesus were mexican
Ghetto McDonalds
Bush Vs Kerry
princess meets office friendly
princess hears a strange noise
usher baby
britneys message to you
you'll love this
shake that ass bitch
A fun new game
Truth about the Atkins Diet
top 10 celeb nip slips
stupid canadians
do you like coffee?
The Olsen Twins
I like bukkake!
Nice sweet song
The Easter Bunny Rap
The Exorcist in under 30sec bunnie style
Sonic Game
Bash the pingwin!
These are creepy
WARNING! This contains an old man, boobies, and exploding mice!
what to do when the A-bomb HITS!
find waldo in under a minute and click on him
If you are offended easy, DONT CLICK HERE
Angry About spam? so is he
Group X - schfifty five
Harry Potter Puppet Pals - Trouble at Hogwarts
Harry Potter Puppet Pals - Bothering Snape
This cat is crazy
Ebonics Lesson
Trippy Mirror
Dumb Baby Animals
The Worm Game
Poke the Penguin
Little Red Riding Hood 2
badger badger
bonjour under pants
wheres the rake?
12 days of Christmas - Remix
a fun winter game
naked stuff
screw me!
this is an annoying song
Shake the Snow Globe
Santa slingshot
Mario Goes SPLAT
smoking kills
Protect your car
Neat Color Test
Fun Quiz
Drink O Meter
Hand-Eye Coordination Test
Octopus's Garden - WTF
olympics gone bad
optical illusions
wannabe governors - old
Flog Britney
DK on yo arse
Be a U.N. Weapons Inspector
the ketchup dance
The Happy Pill game
Super Rad Dancer
The Offical Gay Test
guess who
have fun
click ME
mentos, the freshmaker
sesame street on crack
El Imigrante
interesting little song
neat! click, drag and release
nice new calculator
someone likes Final Fantasy
TRL is GeH
vision test
this is weird
lucky lucky
rubber duckie.
kungfu phil
duck hunt2, kill that stupid dog
will the real saddam please stand up
ideas for boring days at the office
people are weird
Baby drop MJ style
Splish Splash
take a break and relax
beer warning
XXX celebs
the f-word
Happy Tree Friends Spin Fun
switch to linux
wtf is this?
what time is it?
ho slappin good time
Mack daddy Mario 3
dirty baby
The Penis Song
Make your own Bush Speech
Icons Story <-lame
A day in the life of DragonBallz
I just want BANGBANGBANG! the video!
Banana and Shrimp Show
anakin switches sides?
jingle balls
bkman! now with lyric!
chinko anesan
suxor 2
starwarez part5
starwarez part4
starwarez part3
starwarez part2
ymca tribute
tellie targets
tank battle
stickwars dentist
stickwars baywatch
rainbow song
pull my finger
Randy Moss School of driving
kikkoman in english!
homer sounds
excite bike
squeeze santa
bomb game
I'm Dreaming of a white christmas
Drunk Santa
Find the subliminal messages
BarbWire Will make you JUMP! JUMP!
lame ass singing fish
the prison bitch song
f34r my wrath
Mr Nice
can you spell?
la la la
thats ghetto!
super cool!!!
peanut butter and jelly time Freaky
peanut butter and jelly time cupcake?
peanut butter and jelly time TGIF edition
peanut butter and jelly time XXX
peanut butter and jelly time 2.0
opera baby?
how do you drive?
Say it once, say it twice, say it a million times
My gift to you
again... someone had too much time on their hands...
are you an idiot? click here for comebacks
someone had too much time on their hands...
im sure itd be funny if i could read it
do your boobs hang low?
never eat at BK
Aquaman is lame
DDR is neat
a lovestory
a very angry cow
oh shit, ive seen everything now... wtf
korean poop
chinese food
kill people in antcity
toss them midgets
why are people so freaking lame?
watch your ass fool
stick fighting at a new level
superfly strikes again
i pitty da fool
dont you hate pong?
warnings on drinking to much
we b flyin mang
Look hard
like to pop stuff on your ass? click here!
seizure kitty? eh? wtf???!
Zelda PRON
rabbit hunting
chip and dale
newbies click here
reason #1 not to get married
tooooo sexy
Daaaaaay-o part 2
Dance george, dance!
This just in....
Fuck peace, die bin landen DIE!
Bin laden the pig fucker
Let there be peace
Reason why not to do drugs
Reason why not to do drugs2
All your base are belong to starterupsteve
windows sucks
Dianora is a bitch
FIGHT! part2
FIGHT! part3
FIGHT! part4
guess who's back?
Go Carlton, its your birthday
ride the train
i feel sorry for the bed
do the midget dance
whitegirl ddr
my little pony
this is you
me love you long time
people scare me
party time
i say again, WTF!
kids are fat
dance pickle, dance!
Bob the ball
counter stick 2
counter stick 1
Porn for the blind
Who let your mom out?
Itsa me, mario
Little red monkey (gay)
Kill those fucking teletubbies
All your smurf?
WTF is this crap?
crap returns
crap returns again
i still know what crap did last summer
Backstreet Boys
Mystikals Mom
spank the monkey
Stoned Flies
superfly 2
Lobster Story
Gerbil Story
kozo flash
magine waking up to a world where the rules of conventional language no longer make sense. A place where proper grammar is just a fading memory, and where subject-object agreement vanished faster than a buffet on the set of the Rosie O’Donnell Show. But this is not a place that only lives in your imagination- it is far too real and known as “All your base are belong to us”.
ALL YOR BASE R BLONG 2 US - This is the movie that started it all! The original by Bad_CRC.

In 1989, a game called Zero Wing came out for the Sega Genesis by Toaplan. It was an unremarkable game; the only feature that distinguished it from any other side-scrolling shooter was the barbaric way that it treated the English language. Fast forward to the year 2000, after just over a decade in obscurity (living next door to the New Kids on the Block and that guy who starred in Herman’s Head) a parody by David Lloyd at Overclocked.org brought this game’s bad grammar back into the pop culture spotlight. Chat rooms and message boards blazed with phrases like “Somebody set up us the bomb”, and “You are on the way to destruction”. Suicides among English teachers and professors rose 358% over normal rates; the highest for English educators since the Valley Girl phrase “Gag me with a spoon” became popular.

Not too long after the game’s bad grammar resurfaced, the pictures started appearing- many from Tribalwar.com. Then the Laziest Men on Mars mixed the first song. This new craze culminated when Bad_CRC created the first “All your base” video. Shortly after the first “All your base” video hit the NG Portal, parodies started appearing such as Mr. T vs. Cats, Eskimo Bob and Final Fight: 2101. Portal veterans braced for the worst, still weary from the “Wazzup” deluge- but most fortunately, this trend wasn’t as pervasive.

TMST'S ZERO WING RHAPSODY - An anime-style musical remake of AYB, with the words set to a well-known piece of music by Queen. I couldn't make this stuff up.
THE ,000 ZIG - All your Smurf are belong to Smurf! Wait a minute... What?!
FINAL FIGHT: 2101 - All your Hagar are belong to us!
MR. T VS CATS - Mr. T takes on Cats from All Your Base!
ESKIMO BOB 12: AD 2101 - Eskimo Bob gets in on the All Your Base trend!
AYB: SONIC ADVENTURE - Sonic and Tails try their hand at the AYB craze!
ALL YOUR BOOZE - Silly spoof with pictures of hobos.
ALL YOUR... STFU - Collection of "Shut the Fuck Up" images, in the AYB tradition!
ALL YOUR WAZZUP - It's All Your Base and Whazzup combined for the first time ever into one super parody!
ALL YOUR BLAM! - A great parody featuring the NG crew and the Blam Club!
ALL YOUR BASE : CC - The Clock Crew gets in on the AYB action!
ALL YOUR BASE MEETS CC - Another AYB parody featuring the Clock Crew and Tricky the Clown!
ALL YOUR SPAM R BLONG 2 - A parody of AYB based on NG's Biggest Topic in the General section of the NG Forums!
GAMEFAQS: RYU VS CATS - A street fighter parody of AYB featuring Ryu!
POKEMON ALL YOUR BASE - This is a Pokemon parody of the original All Your Base movie by Bad_CRC.
ALL YOUR MARIO .::BS::. - Even Mario has to get in on the AYB trend!
ALL YOUR BASS - Its not about All Your Base, its about All Your Bass!

But sometimes even the internet isn’t big enough to contain an internet-based inside joke. The “All your base” phenomena has been reported on in Salon.com, the San Francisco Chronicle, Fox News Network, USA Today, the Los Angeles Time, and in Time Magazine. Even The Onion wrote a news brief. When asked if the national media attention surprised him, Bad_CRC said: “Not at all, these things happen all the time.” He continued: “The video took a dying inside joke and packaged it so it was convenient to distribute everywhere very quickly, and that's exactly what happened.” He added, “I did get a kick out of seeing my AYB Time cover printed in Time magazine though... something both amusing and ironic about that. “

ALL UR GAYS BELONG TO ASS - The first "All Your Base are Belong to Us" spin-off to hit Newgrounds.
AYBABTU (REMIX) - This is a non-parody remix of the original All Your Base Are Belong To Us!
ALLURSWEETSRBELONG2SLOTH - Early Portal pioneer Jeremy graces us with another hilarious Sloth video! These are the best!
ALL YOUR CRACK - Winner of the coveted "Fuck up of the year award", Robert Downey Jr. is celebrated in this quirky video.
BEDN: ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS 2 - Josh "Bedn" is notorious for stealing NG accounts.
ALL YOUR FRAGS ARE.... - Half-Life fans will get a kick out of this remix!

Even Zero Wing has been celebrated on its own, beyond the AYB phenomenon.

ZERO WING - This movie is described as "not AYB related"... But AYB fans will still be interested in checking it out!

Nobody knows what the next big fad will be in Flash movies, but if poor translations continue unchecked; we may be faced with a horror beyond imagination- Flash movies based off of Ikea furniture assembly instructions.

AYB VS FINAL FANTASY 1 - The FF crew takes out AYB once and for all.

For more information about Zigs, Cats, and the year 2101, visit your local library, where they have many books that maul the English language, most of them by V. C. Andrews.

Most popular recommendation for this collection:
Jedi Duels

he dumber people think you are, the more surprised they'll be when you kill them!

Annoying Women
BRITNEY SPEARS TRUCK JUMP - How many cars can you jump as Britney Spears? The goal is to kill her.
BUCKSHOT EPISODE 1 - Choose your weapon and watch Christina get hers!
JLH & SMG BOXING - That's right, it's like the Puff Daddy mission, except 2 on 1!
JUDGE JUDY 1 - Today you get to be judge, jury and executioner! Have fun!
PERVERTO EPISODE 4 - Buckshot, Perverto and a Tiger take on DC, Lil Bow Wow, and more! Hilarious!
MIZ CLEO PSYCHIC SLAPDOWN - Beat on Miz Cleo as she tries to predict your future! I bet this wasn't in the cards!

Annoying Men

THE SCHWARZENEGGER DANCE - Watch Arnie dance, then switch to sniper mode and take him out from a distance!
SNIPE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - This NSYNC asshole pinned a fan against the wall and verbally abused her, because she didn't think he was the cutest.
TORTURE BILL GATES - Whipe that smug grin off his billionaire face!
SHOOT TRENT LOTT - Did he think he could wax nostalgic over the days of segregation, without drawing some fire?
JOHN ROCKER PINATA - Everyone's favorite trash-talking racist baseball player. Beat him to a pulp!
KILL JORDAN KNIGHT - The former New Kid has gone solo, so it looks like you're on a solo mission to kill him!
DESTROY: KEANU REEVES - Woah! Looks like you don't know kung-fu after all!
KILL WILL! - We decided not to put him in the musicians section, since his music sucks that bad.
RIP RICKY MARTIN - Dying La Muerta Loca! This one's from Evildave, you know it's sick!
THE ROCK BEATDOWN - Trash the Rock before he spurts out one more tired old catch phrase. Electrifing my ass!
___SISQO'S__GULP_DOWN____ - This one is just plain sick. Get ready for Sisqo's Gulpdown!
SEINFELD ASSASSINATION - The final episode was ultra-lame, ending the best series on a down-note. Kill him!

Annoying Kid Crap

BLUECLUE'S CLUE - Here's a clue... Don't run towards a loaded gun!
KILLTOONS (2) - Kill tons of different cartoon characters! Great fun!
KILL THE GAP MODELS - An interactive GAP commercial... Just what I always wanted! Very satisfying.
GUN DOWN THE GUNGAN - Gun down the Gungan's in this shooting frenzy!

Annoying Everything Else

BRADY BUNCH KNOCK-DOWN - Blast those damn Brady's down!
DEGENERATE DX: VER.2.1 - This was made when DX were assholes, so it may have lost its effect by now.
HUNGRY HUNGRY CAESAR - He sued fast food chains for making him fat! Blow this lamer away!
PEPSI GIRL WHEEL OF DEATH - One of the coolest Assassin missions ever! Tons of way to beat the piss out of her!
TORTURE SLOTH (V2) - Hey yoooou guys! Fans of Sloth TV will love this early appearance.
FRAG VINCE MCMAHON 2 - Destroy Vince and his 13 Dark Generals armed with mobile suits with 6 weapons.
SHOOT KIM JONG-IL - He's ten times crazier than Saddam, and in need of an ass-kicking!

Most popular recommendations for this collection:
Elmo Dies!!!
Kill Linkin Park
Bunnykill 3 Vol.1
Dad 'n Me


t seems like it has been years since I made the original Backstreet Boys Assassin mission - the first anti-Backstreet Boys Flash game! I think it was the first game I made with Flash 3, having made Telebubby Fun Land and a few previous Assassin missions with Flash 2. You can see how I was experimenting with looping movie clips - it wasn't long before I pumped out the much more impressive NSYNC Assassin mission (be sure to find the easter egg). I later updated both with a Flash 4 "tell a friend" form. I don't even know how many people even use that thing...

You would think we would have many more movies to showcase after all this time, but at least we have some great ones. Be sure to check out the original, along with the DK Project and Miss Dynamite cartoons below. The rest are all good as well!
BEAT UP BACKSTREET BOYS! - Beat their faces to a bloody pulp while they spout out annoying catch phrases!

There are two submissions in particular that inspired this collection. These are our two favorite anti-Backstreet movies!

MISS.DYNAMITE XIII - One of the most painful Flash animations ever made. Not for the squeamish!
BSB VS DK PROJECT - Our favorite trenchcoat kids (no, not Columbine) take on the Backstreet Boys on the city streets!

Here are some other zany BSB games and movies. I'm sure everyone will appreciate the song.

BACKSTREET BOY DRESS-UP - Which Backstreet Boy is it? Find out when you take off his shades! What other secrets are lurking beneath his clothing? Take it off and find out!
BACKSTREETTUBBIES - A hilarious crossover that will shock you when Nuu Nuu comes out!
BACKSTREET BOYS - A pretty effortless music video with a funny song to go with it.
BSB AT THE GAY BAR - Shoot the boys while they walk around at Mud Munchers.

We have even set aside a special corner for Nick Carter, and his non-BSB brother, Aaron. Enjoy!

WOULD U DATE THIS WOMAN? - You really just gotta try this one, and send it to your guy friends!
KILLER 1: AARON CARTER - He might not be a Backstreet Boy, but it is in his blood
Humor is often defined as laughter at the expense of others. Just about everything we find funny is the result of someone's personal tragedy - originating with classics such as the slip on a banana peel and the pie in the face.

Where do we draw the line? When things are at their worst, there are still people laughing. These people are known as heartless bastards, and here is their work. Despite how you react in public, you might let out a chuckle when you watch these movies. Congratulations! Deep down, you're a heartless bastard too!
STAYING ALIVE/THE REAPER - A tribute to the late Muarice Gibb!
__WE MISS U MR RODGERS!!! - A tribute to the late Mr. Rogers! It is featured here for good reason!
SAVE "LEFT EYE" - Use the left and right arrow keys to stabilize her SUV!
THE SUICIDE BOMBER GAME - You are a suicide bomber trying to kill and injure as many people as possible. The horror!
EXXON VALDEZ: THE GAME! - You are at the helm of the Exxon Valdez! Can you navigate around coral reefs and icebergs?
WTC: THE ANIMATED SERIES - Perhaps 20 years from now this will be how we teach our kids about 9-11-01.
AALIYAH'S DEAD - This guy is happy to hear that she won't dust herself off and try again!
SKIING WITH SONNY BONO - Can you make it down the hill? Be sure to watch the ending!
HOW TUPAC WAS MURDERED. - Find out how Tupac was murdered!
STEPHEN GETS A GIRLFRIEND - Stephen Hawking gets a girlfriend in this musical love story!
DALE EARNHARDT SUCKS - I guess this guy wasn't a racing fan!
NEWYORK NEWYORK-TERRORIST - Frank Sinatra's lyrics have a whole new meaning now!
FLY INTO THE TRADE CENTER - KABOOM critics asked, "What if someone made a game where you attacked the WTC?"
CURE MICHAEL J. FOX - Beat the Parkinsons out of Michael J. Fox!
O&A: SPECIAL OLYMPICS - Steven Lynch sings a song about the Special Olympics!
TSUNAMI LOOT-UP - Oh the humanity! I'm not gonna touch this with a ten-foot pole.
LIVECORPSE - A TRIBUTE - A tribute to our late friend, Livecorpse.
I RATHER DISLIKE LONDON - A very 'special' tribute to those who died on 7/7/05.
FINAL FANTASY 9/11 - The Star Syndicate presents Osama vs the Twin Towers, FF style.
A TRIBUTE TO JEFF WEISE - A tribute to the NG user who shot up his school.
ROAD TO HELL W/ BOB HOPE - Poor Bob Hope, no longer around to defend himself.

Most popular recommendations for this collection:
Red Blood Rains on London
Battle For Terry Schiavo

Claymation is still going strong here on Newgrounds! Anyone with Flash, clay, a webcam, and some imagination can make their own claymation adventures! Here are some of the better entries we have come across so far.

This first group of claymation entries are all done by -KNOX-!
(2005) MYSTERY KAR - Don't ya hate it when a car just keeps running you over?
(2005) HOTDOG JOB: PART 1 - Knox takes a break from his full-length feature to bring us some fun claymation!
(2005) HOTDOG JOB: PART 2 - Part two of the "exciting" story of a man who sells hotdogs!
(2005) KLAY SWIMMING POOL - Klay world gets a swimming pool!
(2005) NOTYORFRIENDANYMOR - 2 friends split up... will they ever get back together?
(2004) GLASS OF WATER - A guy spills a cup of water and all hell breaks loose!
(2004) SNIPER TIME - A bunch of people get shot by a sniper!
(2004) KLAY HALLOWEEN - Klayworld is attacked by zombies!
(2004) BOOGIEMONSTER - Look out! It's the Boogiemonster!
(2004) TROUBLE MAKERS - A couple of badass klaymen do some badass things!
(2004) HELP IM STUCK! - Dont try this at home!
(2003)THE CAMCORDER - A bunch of friends get together and have fun with a camcorder!
(2003)BAR FIGHT! - The name says it all!
(2003)HENRYS SHOTGUN - Henry tries out his new shotgun on his friends!
(2003)LEON AND HIS DOG - Leon trys to teach his old dog new tricks!
(2003)A ROBOT - Knox takes on robots in this claymation film!
(2003)NEWSPAPER MONSTER - The newspaper monster gets caught stealing a newspaper, with a surprise ending!
(2003)TREE HAND THING - A bunch of people get slaughtered by a tree!
(2003)HULKY - The hulk with a twist!
(2003)HULKY 2:FINAL - The hulk with a twist, but with a twist of the twist!
(2003)DR. BOB - Insane doctor has fun with his first five days on the job!
(2004) DR.BOB:SAVESTHEDAY - Docter bob trys to save a man who chokes on a peice of bologna!
(2003)KNOXS KLAY WORLD1/6 - A giant alien attacks Knox's Clay World and all of the characters have to get together and stop it!
(2003)KNOXS KLAY WORLD2/6 - Knox's characters can't get along, so they fight to the death!
(2003)KNOXS KLAY WORLD3/6 - The gang goes to Henry for weapons!
(2003)KNOXS KLAY WORLD4/6 - The gang cant pick a leader and a fight breaks out!
(2003)KNOXS KLAY WORLD5/6 - The gang finally pulls together, but it's to late!

The following movies are by Fremont!

CHICKENMAN! - Knox and Freemont team up for some crazy Clay antics!
NEW BILL COSBY SHOW EP.1 - Bill Cosby claymation! First episode: "Pudding."
-WHERE IT ENDS- - Two guys try to take over the table!
KNIVES! - Some kids have fun with knives! yay!
INVISIBLE FRIEND - A kid finds a new friend...an invisible one that is.
DOES ANYONE KNOW THE TIME - This guy's day just can't get any weirder!
TWO MEN & A BRICK - Will they resolve their problems, and settle the situation like men, or end up killing eac
CLAY SHROOMS - This starts off as a lame skateboarding movie, but it picks up from there.
DAYS PASSED - Sometimes you can't escape from your nightmares, they become reality.

The following movies are by Gamecubicle!

CLAY LOVES TO DANCE - A clayman dances!
CLAY STILL LOVES TO DANCE - The guys still dancing!
CLAY DVD - A ton of clay movies all packed together in one flash!
WRAPPING SANTA (CLAY) - Santa tries his hardest to wrap a gift, but just can't seem to manage! Great claymation!

The following movies are by Toxicbomb!

THE PIRATE BUM - A drunken pirate picks a fight!
THE BUS STOP - A stupid dog takes a leak on the wrong person!
-THE JET PACK- - Some guy finds a jet pack laying around and decides to try it on!
-THE MONSTER- - There is a monster on the lose!

The following movies are by DrNeroCF!

WT, THEN SOME (CLAY) - One character tries to shoot an apple off his buddy's head with a bow and arrow!
CLAY NEEDS TEA (THE BEST) - It must be some darn good tea in order to start a brawl!

The remaining submissions are by other artists!

OVER THERE - PREVIEW - Preview of a full length clay animation coming soon from gel and Dustball!

Most popular recommendations for this collection:
When it all Ends: SE
(2003)Knoxs Klay World6/6
Clay... ITS ALIVE!!!!!
Freedom (clay)
Magic Rick (clay)


'm too tired right now to list all the things that are wrong with this guy. If you hate his music, here are some games that let you kill him:
ASSASSIN: EMINEM - Shoot tons of Eminems in the original Eminem Assassin mission!
KILL EMINEM - Another Eminem shoot'em-up, taking place on the streets!

If you are in the mood for more passive entertainment, sit back and watch these cartoons making fun of Eminem.

FEMINEM PARODY - Hight quality Eminem spoof by the gang at Lockwave. The real Slim Shady just gave up!
EMINEM IN: SCARD STRAIGHT - Eminem enters boot camp, and can't seem to handle the pressure!
EMINEM VS. DK PROJECT - The boys at DK Project always do a great job with lampooning celebs!
2PAC KILLS GAY DR.DRE - I guess this is what happens when Tupac walks in on people during buttsex.
FISH TALES: EMINEM - Artistic social commentary featuring fish.
GODZILLA VS. EMINEM - Fans of Bambi Meets Godzilla might appreciate this goofy short.
Also known as "Urban Animation", ghetto Flash has found a niche for itself on the web. Sometimes stereotypical and/or comical, other times serious and true, ghetto Flash comes from a culture that white upperclass computer nerds somehow relate to.

In this study of the ghetto Flash phenomenon, we will break it into several subcategories. Our first category is aptly titled, "pimps".
LITTLE RED RIDING HO! - An interactive pop-up storybook that's NOT for kids!
PIMPIN(G) AINT EASY - Two brothers tell how it is being a Pimp!
SNOOKIE KNOWS WHASSUP!!! - Everyone's favorite pimp (next to Tyrone, of course!) gives the beatdown to the Wazzup crew. They're from Philly!
SNOOKIE MEETS ELIAN - Snookie puts Elian in his place!
FDA: MEGAMIX - The original FDA megamix that started it all!
LITTLE NEMO THE PIMP - Little Nemo, the Pimp Master!
LORD OF THE PIMPS - Who will be the Lord of the Pimps?!
***PIMP PHONE OWNS YOU*** - I put this on the front page and people went nuts.

Our next examination of the ghetto Flash culture includes DJs, rappers and other musical performers. Anything involving hip-hop and/or turntables can easily fall into the ghetto grouping.

HOW TUPAC WAS MURDERED. - Find out how Tupac was murdered!
TUPAC: PREQUEL - Watch the events that lead up to the murder of Tupac!
JA RULE DUETS - Ja Rule sings along with your favorites!
JA RULE DUETS II - It'll make ya HOLLA!
SISQO A GO GO - Sisqo fights public opinion that he is gay, and he does it with pride!
OL DIRTY BASTARD 3000 - A world without hope and only one man to save us from the evil clutches of communism, tyranny, and whitey's wrath!
DJ EM - OLD SCHOOL MIX - Select your records, and start spinning!
THE REAL MTB - Mashed Potato Brain parodies Slim Shady!

Especially popular among America's youth, and no doubt responsible for events such as Columbine, violent ghetto games and movies are a must for any ghetto Flash collection.

STREET LIFE - Use your street smarts to navigate this land of violence and sex!
PIMP'S QUEST - Go on missions to become the ultimate pimp!
VIRTUAL DRIVEBY 2 - Drive around and shoot people. Need I say more?
DA STICK UP - Armed robber holds up a plane!
BIG GAY BUBBA - Prison sex is no laughing matter... Until someone sings a song about it!
GHETTO GHILLIGAN'S ISLAND - Coming this fall on UPN! The cast of Ghilligan's Island find some new flava!
BIG BLACK BEN (NEW) - The latest in automotive theft protection!
BITCHY MOMS AND POPS - Moms and Dads just don't understand!
PIGEONS - Pigeons are the thugs of the bird world, as proven in this hilarious short!
SOUPED-UP CIVIC - Sick of people trying to make their wimpy engine cars sound and look fast? Check this out!
SHE-MALE: AVOID THE NUTS! - Keep your eye on the female without the nuts!

You know you're ghetto if...

1. you wash and re-use your zip-lock bags.
2. you try to use old soap residue to make a new bar of soap.
3. you keep your food stamps on a money clip.
4. you think putting batteries in the refrigerator recharges them.
5. you buy a dress, wear it for one day, then return it.
6. your car stereo system cost more than your car.
7. you ever made toast with an iron.
8. you ever had a plate of spagetti with hotdogs in it.
9. you pour water in the empty ketchup bottle for more ketchup.
10. you have more furniture on your pourch than in your house.
We eventually hope to offer collections for every holiday imagineable. For now, settle for these big ones!
CHRISTMAS - Shopping mall massacres, Chris Kringle killing, sodomy and
EASTER - Of course the easter bunny gets killed in a bunch of different ways, but that isn't all that we have hopping around on this page!
HALLOWEEN - Our spooky halloween section contains a mix of funny pumpkin-humping hijinks mixed with scary movies.
THANKSGIVING - Check out all these crazy turkey movies and games!
VALENTINE'S DAY - Feeling lonely this Valentine's Day? These toons will cheer you up!
Check out these Michael Jackson spoofs!
YOU ARE A F*CKING MORON7 - It's Michael Jackson's turn in the hot seat!
JACKSON CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Jacko just loves kids, so come in his factory!
MICHAEL JACKSON STATEMENT - Michael Jackson speaks out with this statement to the press.
MICHAEL JACKSON SECRETS - Jacko reveals all in Michael Jackson Secrets, what happened after the interview.
MICHEAL JACKSON BABY DROP - It's a Micheal Jackson baby dropping game!!!
GO MICHAEL GO! - Help Mr Jackson to pick up his pedo evidence before the cops find out!
MOONWALKER (VGDC FLICK) - Michael! Anyone who has played this game on the Genesis needs to stop and have a look.
JACKO INTERVIEW 3 - Spoof on that disturbing Jacko interview special.
MOLESTER! - Michael Jackson's littlest victim breaks his silence.
JACKSON IN THE BOX - This guy just wants a burger!
MICHAEL JACKSON VS MARIO - The MJ Moonwalker sprites do battle with Mario!
JACKSON INTERVIEW - Jacko tells his darkest secrets in the interview that 60 Minutes didn't release!
T.T.C. V.1.4 M. JACKSON - It's been ALONG time coming... Time to torture MJ!
""NEVER NEVERLAND!"" - The true story of Gavin's trip to Neverland!
JACKSON 5:- EPISODE #1 - Michael and Janet discuss noses.
VIDEOGAME IDOL - MJ performs Smooth Criminal for some sprite judges.
PM GOES TO NEVERLAND!!! - Pube Mupit goes to Neverland! You've been warned.
THE WACKOJACKO COLLECTION - A collection of movies
Mr. T pities the fool who doesn't check out his collection!
TUPAC: PREQUEL - Watch the events that lead up to the murder of Tupac!
HOW TUPAC WAS MURDERED. - Find out how Tupac was murdered!
MR. T VS COLUMBIA - Was Mr. T responsible for the Columbia disaster?
MR. T VS JOE MILLIONAIRE - Evan steals Mr. T's image and bulldozes a youth center!
MR. T VS MECHA-T - Newman creates Mecha-T to destroy Mr. T!
MR. T VS MM POWER RANGERS - Mr. T takes on the Power Rangers!
MR. T VS SUPERMAN - Superman has taken the President, Mr. T has been called upon to help!
MR. T VS SUPERMAN PART 2 - The battle continues!
MR.T VS BIN LADEN - The US Government calls on Mr. T to take out Bin Laden!
MR. T VS UNICRON - The Evil Unicron is threatening the Galaxy! Only Mr. T can stop him!
MR. T VS UNICRON PART II - This epic battle continues! Will Unicron be stopped in time?
MR. T VS UNICRON PART III - See how things turn out in the conclusion to this series!
MR. T VS GARGAMEL - Mr. T and Murdock crash land in Smurf village and help them fend off Gargamel!
MR. T VS HITLER - Hitler uses a time machine to travel to modern times and it's up to Mr. T to save the USA!
MR. T VS MEGATRON - Milk has made the Decepticons extra powerful and Optimus Prime calls on Mr. T for help!
MR. T VS GODZILLA - The US Government calls on Mr. T again to take out Godzilla!
FOOD FIGHT! - Can Mr. T win a food eating competition?
MR.T CERIAL COMMERCIAL - Check out this silly commercial for Mr. T cerial!
MR.T - SECTION ON NG - This guy wants a Mr. T section on NG, well he's got it!
MR.T VS, GHANDI - Mr. T goes after Ghandi!
MR.T VS THE ENTERPRISE - Can Picard and the crew of the Enterprise hold off the incredible force of Mr. T?
MR. T'S JIBA JABA - Collection of Mr. T sound bytes!
MR. T VS CATS - Mr. T takes on Cats from All Your Base!
TRIBUTE TO MR. T - Some pictures of Mr. T set to a classic Mr. T tune!

Most popular recommendations for this collection:
Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon
Mr. T Vs Superman Part 3

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